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Lamar is a group of companies founded since 1995 in order to produce PVC, aluminum and wood windows and doors for the Romanian market.

In order to maintain the quality quota of products and services by our company (PVC joinery, double pane glass and aluminum joinery), Lamar has chose among its providers from the best performing companies in the field:

  • Rehau profiles from Rehau goup of companies, number one in Europe, DIN - EN ISO 9001. 70-100 M 787.
    The quality of REHAU window profiles is in compliance with RAL - RG 716/1 and are tested at the Institute for Rosenheim Window.
    These systems retain their qualities and colors over time, resisting temperature variations between -40o C and + 70o C and UV rays.
  • VEKA profiles are internationally recognized for the quality of its profiles, Class A exclusive (according to SR EN 12608), as well as for its unitary services all over the world.
  • The OTTO RICHTER pvc profile system offers the Eastern European market including Romania an affordable, high-tech product based on traditions in the production of PVC profiles.
  • ROTO hardware, the leading European hardware manufacturer. PVC windows with Pilkington Glass, Saint-Gobain, Luxguard, Kömmerling seals.
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Rehau profile systems

REHAU is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of PVC profile systems for windows and doors. Quality is a standard and the economic factor is planned from the very beginning.

VEKA profile systems

With 40 years of tradition and reputation on the world market, VEKA is the leader in PVC and thermal insulating joinery.

Otto Richter profile systems

OTTO RICHTER systems offer the market an affordable, high-tech product based on tradition in the production of PVC profiles.

poza modul PVC joinery

PVC joinery

Joinery systems
Rehau, Veka, Otto Richter

The profiles used include everything that is required for your windows: with outstanding thermal insulation properties, low heating costs and modern design.

poza modul Aluminium joinery

Aluminium joinery

Alumil window systems

The profiles have a modern design and the technical features are recommended for the manufacture of windows, doors or shop windows.

poza modul Wood joinery

Wood joinery

Multi-layered wood joinery

The strong innovation of wooden-aluminum windows (the only one of its kind) allows the attachment of the aluminum for windows and the aluminum profiles for shutters at an angle of 90o.

poza modul Double pane glass

Double pane glass

Insulating glass

Specialized studies show that 40% of heat is lost through windows, so you need to pay due attention to choosing the right type of glass to really enjoy comfort.


Lamar offers a wide range of products:

The Lamar Group offer includes a wide range of flexible products and services, using state-of-the-art materials and technology.

poza modul Doors


Exterior and interior doors made from PVC, aluminum and wood;

poza modul Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Sliding and harmonic type doors made from aluminium;

poza modul Blinds and shutters

Blinds and shutters

PVC and aluminum blinds and shutters;

poza modul Mosquito screens

Mosquito screens

Aluminum (with roller or frame) mosquito screens;

poza modul Jambs


Inner and outer jambs;

poza modul Balcony closures

Balcony closures

PVC and aluminum balcony closures;

poza modul Greenhouses


PVC and aluminum greenhouses (Wintergarden);

poza modul Partitions


PVC and aluminum interior partitions;

poza modul Roller shutters

Roller shutters

PVC and aluminum roller shutters;

poza modul Windows


One or two planes opening windows or Oberlicht PVC, aluminum and wood windows;

poza modul Facade systems

Facade systems

PVC and aluminum facade systems for all types of real estate: offices, shops, hotels;

23 years


12000 sq m

Production Halls

600 units/day




Professionalism and Reliability

Quality continues to be the cornerstone of our success. Our products and services are designed to respond effectively to the requirements and standards of our customers.

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Lamar Group collaboration benefits

Established in 1995, the Lamar Group of Companies operates having it's permanent objective: the production of thermo-insulating joinery systems at the highest quality standard which represents for the customers maximum comfort, safety and utility.

Lamar Group uses materials from top suppliers in the industry: Rehau, Veka, Otto Richter and others. The commercialized door and window systems improve the energy efficiency of the building and provide added security.

The new concepts and ideas found by our staff and partners are transformed into new, innovative products. For us, innovation is not an end in itself. Our daily challenge is to offer our customers a maximum value-added, possible through sophisticated products, solutions and services.