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Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium joinery systems (Greece)(Grecia)

  • Tri-cameral system insulating thermal barrier;
  • Thermal bridges of different sizes, depending on the beneficiary.
Alumil Profile
  • It is one of thermal barrier systems that covers very well the requirements in the construction industry.

The profiles have a modern design and due to the technical features are recommended for the manufacture of windows, doors or show- windows. EPDM gaskets are used and ensure proper tightness. Thermal insulation is made with a nylon rod of 18 mm.

The tightness of the moving parts and of the windows in frames is made by a special rubber seal, so if profiles with thermal barrier to obtain a heat transfer coefficient very low

Drive accessories and double opening mechanisms are Gies Lavaal, Erreti.

Aluminium joinery ensures the easiest maintenance, the color remains unchanged over time (are powder coated). Its unlimited palette feature outstanding architectural possibilities. It has the specific resistance of metals and it does not need extra reinforcement, strength being obtained under conditions of reduced weight, with minimal effect on the resistance of buildings. Polyamide thermal barrier eliminates thermal conductivity of metal, providing a thermal coefficient close to that of PVC systems. Also ensure comfort and serenity through optimal insulation up to 38 dB, depending on the size of the thermal bridge.

Our company manufactures and installes, also without thermal break aluminum joinery with various applicability: windows, doors, walls, show-windows, depending on the requirements and needs of the customer

  • PVC joinery Rehau window systems

    Over 40 years of experience have made REHAU one of the leading producers of window profile systems.

  • Aluminium joinery Alumil window systems

    The profiles have a modern design and the technical features are recommended for the manufacture of windows, doors or shop windows.

  • Wood joinery Multi-layered wood joinery

    The strong innovation of wooden-aluminum windows (the only one of its kind) allows the attachment of the aluminum for windows and the aluminum profiles for shutters at an angle of 90o.

  • Double pane glass Insulating glass

    Specialized studies show that 40% of heat is lost through windows, so you need to pay due attention to choosing the right type of glass to really enjoy comfort.