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Horizontal and vertical blinds offered by us at reasonable prices, in combination with PVC or aluminum carpentery, is a simple and effective way to reduce the costs necessary to create an optimal temperature in your home, regardless the season.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are found in a variety of designs and colors. Besides the touch of distinction and elegance that gives to your interior , it will also provide necessary discretion.

  • allows you to easily control the light intensity
  • easy to handle
  • multiple mounting options
  • sizing according to customer requirements

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds provide a full finish for interior works.

  • provide visual and solar protection
  • are made of aluminum strip of different widths in a wide range of colors
  • ensure a smooth transition from the position of maximum brightness to the minimum brightness by simply turning the blades from horizontal position to the vertical position
  • PVC joinery Rehau window systems

    Over 40 years of experience have made REHAU one of the leading producers of window profile systems.

  • Aluminium joinery Alumil window systems

    The profiles have a modern design and the technical features are recommended for the manufacture of windows, doors or shop windows.

  • Wood joinery Multi-layered wood joinery

    The strong innovation of wooden-aluminum windows (the only one of its kind) allows the attachment of the aluminum for windows and the aluminum profiles for shutters at an angle of 90o.

  • Double pane glass Insulating glass

    Specialized studies show that 40% of heat is lost through windows, so you need to pay due attention to choosing the right type of glass to really enjoy comfort.