Double pane glass

Specialized studies show that 40% of heat is lost through the windows, so we must pay attention to choosing the right type of glass to really benefit from comfort.

Very important in a carpentry outside profiles, fixtures and fittings, is the type of glass used. For choosing the right type of glass for windows and doors you must take in to consideration in advance a multitude of factors related to clymatic conditions, the area's topography, the level of noise pollution. The bases indicator on a window is the heat transfer coefficient (a small transfer coefficient determin small energy losses, so you benefit by a maximum comfort).

Insulating glass (called glazing) is a set of two sheets of glass between which there is a gaseous medium (air or a rare gas) sealed (sealed perfectly).

These two sheets of glass are placed at a distance measured in mm, separated by a spacer frame aluminum wand, sealed, forming a one-piece unit that reduces thermal and sound transmission.

A normal glass heat transfer coefficient is k = 5.4 W / mpK, the glass has a heat transfer coefficient of k = 2.8 W / mpK and the glass consists of two or more sheets of glass with high thermal factor has an exceptional thermal and sound coefficient up to k = 0.8 W / mpK.

Low E glass Planitherm 4S (4 seasons), Planitherm 4S Evolution, Planitherm 4S Ultra N, k = 1.0 W / mpK, made of microscopic layers of silver (usually) made each other through the window - is the key to decrease the heat transfer the window.

Low E glass sheet is positioned by window cavity and the silver layers significantly reduce heat loss. Removing the air between the two sheets of glass and entering into the cavity of a rare gas (argon or krypton) you obtain a heat transfer coefficient of 1.1 W / mpK.

Glazing types used by our company are Pilkington, Saint-Gobain, Luxguard. Sealing glazing technology is using the "warm" tehnology, using double sealing with components Hot Melt - Bostik manufactured exclusively in England.

You can choose from a variety of glass types, depending on the preferences and requirements (types we have continuously in stock):

  • clar (float)
  • clear (float)
  • low E
  • Planitherm 4S
  • Evolution 4S Planitherm
  • Planitherm Ultra N
  • burglary
  • bronze reflexive
  • reflexive clear
  • smoky
  • matte (sandblasted)
  • krizet
  • Crossfield
  • screen
  • punto
  • delta 2
  • clear olive
  • Smoky Olive
  • maze
  • ear
  • ice
  • lines