Metal fittings

The fittings represents the part that ensures the mobility and functionality of the thermopan windows or doors. The ironwork that we use for each of our products carries the ROTO brand, the world leader in the field. Each of the fittings was designed to meet several objectives: durability, security and, last but not least, being as little visible as possible.

Lamar carpentry is equipped with the best closing / opening solutions.

Roto NT fittings sets new standards of protection. All the components are integrated into the sash and window frame, making them invisible from outside.

Moreover, Roto NT fittings is also guaranteed to withstand 15.000 closed-open cycles (for 3 actuations per day resulting in approximately 15 years), ensuring perfect seal and high reliability.

The systems with Roto fittings, allow windows and doors to be opened as follows: rotary, tilting, roto-tilting, parallel-plane.


Wrong counter-action: with the wrong counter-action piece, the sash is always at the same level, preventing the locking element from changing its position and preventing the wrong operation of the window or door.

Partial ventilation piece: Recently developed, the partial ventilation piece of Roto NT fittings consists of a single element that can be installed later. The partial ventilation piece is mounted next to the upper latch.

Masking Caps: For hinges of wooden and PVC doors and PVC Roto fittings also include masking caps.


Additional anti-burglary points, child lock handles, or even more complex systems that allow the child to operate the window only on a closed or tilting basis may additionally be fitted on the fittings systems, thus avoiding the danger of the child coming out.

Lamar Society can equip your carpentry, with 3-way grease-adjustable hinges, for heavy doors with a focus on front PVC doors with a high frequency of use. Certified according to EN 1935.
Hinges are recommended for active and passive door openings, left and right and are characterized by easy use and adjustment. The structural design has been designed for maximum fit in the maximum stress areas.

Balama TB 120.ZD.K

Balama TB 100.ZD.K