Exterior rolls

Overlapping shutters

Exterior blinds are elements which, combined with PVC or aluminum bring more comfort in the living space or offices offering:

  • darkness
  • sun protection
  • noise protection
  • increased insulation
  • controlled ventilation of the room
  • deter burglary attempts

To operate them are three systems: Belt, crank and for convenience with electrically operated switch or transmitter. It is installed with the carpentry and can mask the outside of the box. Due to the use of powder coated aluminum slats, maintenance is very easy to do, and at the same time can ensure extended use without causing mechanical deformation or tarnishing material.

Maintenance and inspections are made easy thanks to the cover visit that lets you change blades accidentally damaged. Stacked rolls are installed only with the carpentery and having box with protective glazing and PVC handles special clamping on window frames.

Applied shutters

Applied external shutters have the same quality as overlapping shutters and the system is recommended in cases where there were no rolls provided construction phase of the house or not desired height with decreasing window box to roll bunk.

Due to a rail system mounted outside, the box can be mounted on the facade of the building, without diminishing the light hole. No drilling is required for passing mechanism carpentry inside. Applied rolls of aluminum, made by aluminum fins and polyurethane foam, extruded aluminum guide rails with brush dust and aluminum protective outer box is well suited for carpentry or closing existing commercial or industrial areas.