Rehau profile system

Over 40 years of experience have made from REHAU one of the leading producers in the window profile systems. REHAU insulating windows respond excellently to the quality requirements of our customers. The REHAU joinery (Germany) offers good thermal insulation with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.8-1.7 W / mpK and good sound insulation. The double gasket system that oppose draft, dust and water penetration maintain an optimal climate inside.

Clients want on buildings windows on whose quality they can rely on and which at the same time convince them from the economic point of view.

On Rehau windows profiles, quality is standard and economic factor is planned from the start.

PVC profile section is tricameral has 60 mm width and has the heat transfer coefficient (heat loss) K = 1.7 W / mpK , the sound insulation index R = 31dB (A)which gives a good thermal insulation.

It is reinforced with galvanized steel (thickness 2 mm) to increase the rigidity of carpentry. Large width of joints provides excellent sealing for rain in bursts due to the height of 20 mm of seam, the sealing zone (profile frame) of 3 mm on each side and due to the release of 3 mm gasket according to checks request made to the group C.

Your decision to joinery REHAU can be taken easely:

  • Attractive design: The elegant slopes and perfectly flat surfaces, REHAU windows are a win for the appearance of every house.
  • Tightness:gaskets oppose penetration of air currents, dust and water and maintain an optimal indoor climate.
  • Insulation: The three rooms of the profiles makes good insulation coefficien.
  • Protection against noise: Through windows REHAU you really enjoy tranquility. By proper installation of soundproof windows you to get to achieve protection class 4 against noise.
  • Ventilation: REHAU provides a complex of elements for ventilation rooms, to maintain a comfortable climate and to avoid condensation inside the rooms.
  • The comfort of use: REHAU windows open and close with great ease, they are easy to maintain, they are antistatic treated, burn with flame and emit no toxic fumes (combustion class C2 - difficult flammable).
  • Safety against forced entry attempts:profiles for windows are specially designed so as to allow the use of special locks, intended to oppose successfuly to attempts of forced entry.

Sustainability in all seasons

REHAU heat insulating windows - Euro Design is a novelty in the field of PVC joinery

Higher coefficients of thermal insulation due to the technique of the 3 rooms are intended to enhance the comfort of your home, value kr = 1.5W/mpK unreinforced and kr = 1.6W/mpk reinforced.

Nice rounded profile edges and angles of inclination of the visible surfaces gives the window a modern and expressive look.

Our programs remove any obstacle to your wishes regarding the diversity of shapes and colors.

RAU-PVC material, from which REHAU - Euro Design 60 profiles are made, is due to its the exceptional qualities, the best material for the construction of windows.

The Euro Design 70 model has the same qualities as the popular Euro Design 60. What differentiates them is that Euro Design 70 model has better thermal coefficient.

Noble, from the surface and down to the smallest detail

Windows REHAU Brilliant Design are for those who like something new and special. The sleek and shiny surface complements the concept of " more beautiful home".

Window profile system REHAU Brilliant Design meets the highest requirements with a value of 1.2W/mpk kr unreinforced and 1.3W/mpk kr reinforced. By using insulating glass with thickness up to 41 mm it is made and an excellent sound insulation too. An added advantage is the optical design requirements and rounded wings.

The technique of 5 rooms and depth of 70 mm profiles guarantees the best insulation values. It is so fulfilling for the environmental care, it saves energy and therefore money for heating the house.

Since 2002, the new value is Uf = 1.3W/mpk, REHAU Brilliant Design windows beeing recommended for building low-energy houses.

The rounded edges of the profiles, curves or plan surfaces entitle REHAU Brilliant Design windows whith modernoptics and expressiveness. Shapes and colors are very different. A shiny look for your home!

The surface of REHAU profiles, perfectly smooth and shiny, do not allow dirt easily and it can be cleaned quickly.

More free time for you!

Joinery profiles Rehau from the latest generation GENEO are composed from RAU-FIPRO, a revolutionary material. Geneo represents energy efficiency taken to perfection.

Rehau proposes for energy efficiency and remarkable stability windows, entrance doors, sliding doors whith lift in parallel plan GENEO profile with reinforced core material RAU-FIPRO.

Through the solutions offered by us, you get the best results for your building without the need to compromise.

We offer premium system with 86 mm Depth of fiber-reinforced, for the highest standards and certified solution for passive houses , a type of GENEO system with the best thermal and acoustic insulation in this area at this time.