Insect nets


  • maximum protection against insects because of its net
  • allow continuous exchange of air between the interior and exterior
  • simple maintenance
  • adaptability to the installation configuration
  • not decrease visibility

Insect nets on hinges:

  • nets are attached to an aluminum metal frame
  • the frame providede whith hinges, allowes oscillation swing outside the window
  • fixation is done with a reliable locking system operated from the inside with a handle with a nice design
  • in winter, the net the frame type can be easily dismantled and remounted the hot season

Insect nets on roll:

  • nets and handles are constructed with aluminum tape and the carbon fiber mesh is translucent, non-combustible, resistant to weather and sunlight
  • the mesh color is gray and the color guide and standard profiles are white and brown box
  • drive is supported by springs, lifting and lowering are made easily by pulling cord drive
  • during the cold season the nets can be kept / raised in the box, so it is not necessary to remove the net from window - guides and box, they are designed not to alter in any way the aesthetic of the carpentry