Multi-layered wood joinery

Strong innovation of wooden windows-aluminum (the only of its kind) provides the connection to the angle of 90o, both for aluminum windows and shutters aluminum profiles.

This system provides the opportunity to remember the charm of the traditional wooden windows, representing in addition to aesthetic and a masterpiece of design and maintenance free.

Due to the technical part and aesthetic characteristics (combination angle of 90 o), the result of an extraordinary fusion- innovation between technology and tradition - fits perfectly even in restoration and reconstruction of historic centers.

Joining at the 45 oangle,used by competitors in the field, it facilitates the more accurate resemblance to the traditional windows. In addition, the new drip which consists of a mixed profile made by aluminium and polyamide (space heating) further reduce cold, garnish subjecting minimum damage.

Wooden window has a patented system of combining the angles, and the stylized tearing covered by aluminum profile.

The wooden - aluminum window, which is "mainly wood" do not require maintenance because it is covered on the outside by a semi-aluminum shell (joined in an angle of 90 o, , floating, sliding), providing the same protection that gives the tree bark that protects the trunk from agents in the atmosphere.

It is available in five versions: Cosmo, Over, Elegance, Hi-Tech and Evolution..

Common features of the standard model (excluded: pantry windows, interior windowsills, handle, transport, equipment assembly and disassembly).

The section of the shaped element of the leaf is 62 x 72 mm, the frame section is 57 x 70 mm, the thickness of the glass is 24 mm, hinges pivot type "Anuba" have 14 mm, 2 gaskets, doble bottom for patio door 49 mm; Roto-Maco hardware.

Series "Over" made by wooden-aluminium: : the leaf-element section is 62 x 72 mm, frame section is 63 x 70 mm, glass thickness is 24 mm, hinges pivot type "Anuba" have 14 mm, 2 gaskets, inner cross cubla for patio doors, with a threshold of 49mm inlatimeheight, Roto-Maco hardware type..

Series "Elegance", "Hi-Tech", "Evolution"made by wood-aluminum: : the leaf-element section is 68 x 88 mm, frame section is 63 x 70 mm, glass thickness 28, hinges pivot type " Anuba "16 mm, 3 gaskets, double lower cross for patio doors with threshold at a height of 49 mm type Roto-Maco hardware.

Light aluminum shutter is made entirily from aluminium (needs no maintenance) the leafs are convex and incorporated at an 45o angle, aplicate applied over stylized frame, the connection is made by pressing ,pivot hinges and closure are"spagnoletta" type. Common features of the standard model (no: Stop, transport, assembly and installation materials)::

Series "Light": the rounded shaped leaf element section is 58 x 57 mm , Z-section frame 65 x 53 mm, lining finger pressed to 75 or 95 mm (mosquito net space) mounted on the frame, hung over the frame spagnoletta locking type (Roto-Maco) blades are all geared (Pearl 70 Inox).

Carpentry offered by our company represents concrete answers to the demands of quality and customers aesthetics standards while providing the safety and the guarantee of a perfect blend of innovative elegance, technique and tradition..

  • Beauty and design
  • No maintenance required
  • Strength and reliability
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • The best quality - price